Our Technology

The technology we use behind the scenes allows you to shine on the show floor.

Our in-house capabilities boast the latest technologies in graphics production and exhibit fabrication – such as state-of-the-art direct printers, CNC routers and laser cutters to name just a few.

In managing your program, the ExhibitForce software system is paired with our XTrax inventory tracking system to deliver reliable information and analysis when you need it.

The latest in industry software serves our exhibit design and CAD engineering departments to prepare the documentation required to fabricate the perfect environment to support your brand.

Exhibit Design

The Acer team is ready to INGNITE BRAND PRIDE for you! Our award-winning design team consistently exceeds clients’ expectations in delivering functional, impactful branded environments across industry verticals. These experts implement to elements of light, color, scale, form, and texture with the appropriate technology in order to create an environment that brings your brand to life.

Design is a partnership, and an in-depth discovery process kicks off our “Think, Feel, Do, Keep and Share” methodology of exhibit design. Designers stay current on exhibition trends across industries, which they use to bring you a cutting-edge space in which to engage with your audience.

Graphic Production

Graphics are an essential part of any exhibit.  To offer you the highest quality and fastest service, expert full-time Acer team members operate a full-service graphic production center which features state-of-the-art production equipment.  This in-house service allows Acer clients to avoid last-minute rush fees and graphic mark-ups.

Inventory Management

Knowledge and tracking of inventory may be pain points with other exhibit houses, but not with Acer!  Staff in our warehouse employs a proprietary barcode inventory system to effectively manage all client materials… every last piece of exhibit property and graphic stock bears a unique barcode number.  This system enables real-time inventory of all materials stored, efficient data input and output, immediate optimization of shipping requirements and much more.

Account Management

We take your exhibit personally!  Each client account is attended to by a dedicated team of two:  an account manager who manages the day-to-day logistics and servicing, and an account executives who oversees the relationship and creative.  These two individuals are your eyes and ears within Acer and are tasked with serving as an extension of your marketing department.  They will involve other staff, such as project managers, CAD engineers, designers, inventory managers, and fabricators who are assigned on a project-by-project basis.

To most effectively facilitate the management of your account, Acer maintains a password-protected, web-based client portal called ExhibitForce which includes event details, real-time inventory, lead portal, ROI calculator, booth staffing application, and digital images of exhibit property. This online portal allows both Acer and the client to interface on projects throughout their lifecycle from anywhere in the world.