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Associated Press

“From the early stage planning to the on-site build, Acer is an excellent partner. Their team consistently delivers creative solutions on time and within budget. Many thanks to Acer for another successful year!” - Eric & Nicole, Associated Press

Jazz Pharma

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ASD Lighting

ASD Lighting needed an inviting, eye-catching 10'x30' linear display on a strict budget for Lightfair International. The structure had to be rigorous enough to support 40 or more light fixtures from walls and ceiling, plus encompass all of the electrical functions that go along with the fixtures. The design needed to feature three distinct product zones and a central reception counter in an open plan with wide visibility.

To create the three zones, beMatrix panels formed a graceful archway parallel to the exhibit back wall with a partial overhead span connecting them. The open arch allowed show attendees to see the full display from almost any angle, exceeding the client's expectation for openness. This solution eliminated the need for costly rigging while providing height for aisle visibility and in-booth fixture clearance. The panel system by beMatrix was robust enough to offer the required support for heavy products hanging from the ceiling. A series of custom pre-wired cleated panels were mounted to the backwall panels, adding layers of depth and creating visually distinct product display areas while also providing additional physical support for the weight of the products shown there.

Graphics featuring bursts of geometric shapes in citrus colors against glossy white panels served as a backdrop for the glow of ASD's high-quality lighting products. Use of only logo and accent graphics placed all emphasis on the beauty of the product samples and required that brand ambassadors provide engagement personally to each attendee. This minimalist approach to graphics had a huge impact on the quantity and quality of leads generated.

The result was a clean, simple and definitely eye-catching environment which has been awarded with two different design awards.


At the key first show after a major rebrand, the UPG exhibit had to make a splash with the brand launch! Historically, the client had loose branding and little unifying its six sub-brands. For this show, the newly-formed corporate events team was occupying a bigger space (20'x20') than they had before. The team was still working out some of the kinks of new corporate policy and branding; they needed agency help to translate their new positioning into exhibit structure and environment. One thing was certain: the design required a big visual impact to kick off new "bold, strong and solid" corporate branding and allow the client to stand out in the stoic, traditional steel industry with a display that exuded strength, boldness and modern refinement.

Unfortunately, the client was in a reactionary mode to these corporate and branding changes. The exhibit shipment would be required about seven weeks from their first call to us, so the Acer team created a 100% rental solution for quick delivery. The design delighted UPG with these highlights:

beMatrix panels were formed into a unique, sweeping focal point to the exhibit: an upward angle that mirrored the upward angle in the new corporate logo. The angle approach not only met the visual impact requirements and reinforced the branding - it also allowed a natural division for logo placement above and below.

Although the client originally wanted a hanging sign for vertical presence, the design team incorporated a tower within the exhibit to reflect the strength and solidarity that the new brand promised. This not only better represents the client brand, it also reduced the services budget by eliminating rigging.

Surface treatments were selected to convey the "bold, strong and solid" feel with textures such as concrete, wood and corrugated metals accented with clean white and charcoal gray. The modern touch was implemented though a globe pendant light and kick-lighting on the reception desk.

Although the exhibit would feature the new UPG master branding, two well-established and easily recognizable sub-brands had to be well­ represented. Sub-brands were prominently visible on the reception desk and interior wall, bringing the required recognition those brands carried while clearly deferring to the overarching master brand.

A structural column in exhibit space had to be addressed around requirements including reception, two demo stations, two separate semi-private meeting spaces, shelving display and a large attract monitor. The hall column was wrapped with corrugated metal and used to define a casual meeting space for each of the sub-brands without closing off the open, airy space.


When your new client has "Design the World" as their slogan, it's going to be a fun project! OKdo turned to Acer to design the exhibit which would launch their new division and product line at the family-oriented consumer show, Maker Faire. In a 20'x20' space, the company needed to establish their brand, while allowing room for in-booth demonstrations, their "product playgrounds" and sufficient storage.

OKdo wanted the brand to debut a playful and energetic look which walked the line between professional and edgy. To acheive this, the Acer team chose a melange of materials for the space, including authentic reclaimed barnwood, black powder-coated beams, sticker-covered 55-gallon drums and slick LED lighting.

OKdo's event team felt that the effect was exactly what they needed, and requested that we build a twin exhibit for use in their European program!

CMI Defense

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WL Gore

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Dunlop Footwear

Dunlop Protective Footwear provides industrial and field workers with safe, comfortable work boots. As their product is applicable to a wide range of industries, their exhibit needed to convey experiences relevant to work on surfaces including dirt, concrete, metal, tile and general industrial flooring. The client required strong POP branding with many samples in four distinct product lines, and one featured new product line.

Product display was the primary goal for the exhibit functionality. A custom shelving unit framed in the company’s signature bright red was built to display the clients’ “Good, Better, and Best” footwear options. This feature area centered the display. Toward the rear of the space, open air boot display racks visible from inside and outside the exhibit perimeter displayed various product offerings, topped by relevant graphics.

Acer’s design used beMatrix panels infilled with laminates instead of printed graphics to meet the client’s tight budgetary needs while providing a more realistic, textured look. Up and over arches created interesting composition while keeping the exhibit space open and welcoming.

Dunlop is actually Acer’s neighbor in the industrial park. It made the design and development process so much more interactive! Over many visits, the client was able to see the versatility of Acer's design capabilities in many other client displays as they were staged in our shop. We strongly encourage client visits to our facility!


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Hikvision’s 50’ x 60’ rental custom exhibit made its debut at ISC West, making a huge statement with its “V” shaped banners, multiple 3D logos, two double deck conference rooms, and a 22’ tower covered in faux stone to give it a sophisticated feel. Six angular product kiosks flanked the right and left of the space brought together by a “U” shaped overhead structure, which angled down on the ends displaying large internally lit Hikvision logos. A large cut out 3D Hikvision logo sat on top of the overhead kiosk structure on both sides adding an impactful showing of branding.

Positioned centrally, is the lounge area with comfortable, contemporary seating. The lounge also features a reception desk backed by a 25’ tall stone wall with identification, and large monitor. The interior space retains a hospitality desk for refreshments, backed by a shorter wall which doubles as theater on the opposite side facing the aisle. An overhead lighting structure with vertical, supporting corner units featuring lit acrylic panels help define the space and help create an oasis in the exhibit.

“Acer understood our vision and made it come to life. We couldn’t be happier with the concept and the execution.” Manny, Hikvision USA “You and your crew did a fantastic job, thanks. And, booth setup went smooth because of your team’s support and innovation. The Kiosks and Walls looked great and we had a great show presentation.” - Lou, Hikvision USA

Smiths Detection

Smith’s Detection, in an effort to make their exhibit more professional, aspired to occupy a larger footprint to display products, elevate their corporate identity, display their global presence, and allow visitors to better interact with their products. A custom-designed rental provided the client with ability to occupy a 20’ x 30’ space at ASIS within a constricted budget.

The 16’ x 9’ tower canopy structure allowed Acer to elevate the corporate branding by integrating large 3D logos and graphics throughout the exhibit. Hanging above the structure was an L-Shaped 13’ x 13’ x 38” framed logo-branded hanging sign. Custom product displays provided an appealing showcase while allowing attendees to handle the client's security products.

The most captivating element of the exhibit was a pierced backlit lightbox detailing the different countries all over the world where Smith’s Detection is located. By viewing the lightbox the show attendees were educated and provided a comprehensive understanding of Smith’s Detection’s global presence and influence. The versatility of the beMatrix system was the perfect fit to meet all of the clients requirements and the outcome was a dynamic looking exhibit with a thrilled client.



Harris Healthcare


Harris Healthcare was in an interesting transition period. And although they were undergoing transformation, they still needed to maintain their brand position and stand-out! Having recently acquired several businesses, Harris Healthcare needed to maintain the overall Harris Healthcare master-brand, while separately distinguishing each of the new business units.

Acer delivered with an exhibit that was an exponential departure from the booth they’d been employing for the previous 8 years. And, instead of jumping into another owned exhibit, the Acer experts could provide them a rental for their largest show, accomplish everything they needed, and deliver within a budget that was optimal for Harris Healthcare.

Japan Pavilion