Custom Exhibits


Formed by a merger, L3Harris Technologies required a trade show presence to confidently portray it as an undisputed leader in the defense industry. The newly-formed L3Harris events team turned to Acer to design the environments which would launch the new brand... just 60 days after merger!

The exhibit properties would have to support an aggressive calendar with numerous shows each month, including simultaneous and back-to-back events - requiring maximum flexibility and modularity. Essentially, the Acer team had just a few weeks to plan for every possible scenario, meeting an incredible array of demands for exhibit footprints ranging from 10’x10’ up to 60x100’ double-deck spaces.

The Acer design team captured the new forward-thinking branding with angular structures that fully reflected the L3Harris tagline “Fast. Forward.” The central focus of each exhibit is a tower which cantilevers forward, bearing a massive modified LEDskin wall. A series of technology-enabled workstations surround the central point, each with features designed to echo the tower elements. Custom arrow-shaped hanging signs elevate the new branding above the crowd, while massive backlit graphics attract at the floor level.

The effort of Acer's production team to complete the fabrication of these exhibits inside a few weeks was impressive, but the experienced Acer team was up to the challenge. The final exhibits – comprising eight full truckloads of properties – were ready for shipment just four weeks after all final approvals were received!

Our Projects

Topix Pharmaceuticals

Topix Pharmaceuticals approached Acer requesting a new 30'x50' exhibit design to rejuvenate branding to align with the quality of their enhanced skin care product line.

To help evoke a connection with the brand, a spa-like atmosphere was created within the exhibit, including a relaxing lounge area with three soothing water walls and soft lighting. The water walls helped to reduce the outside noise and to create an environment for attendees to unwind, enjoy, and connect with the brand.

The natural soft and clean look was very inviting. The palette included soft, natural-toned laminates. The client's product was displayed in custom built showcases that were incorporated into the architecture of the exhibit walls alongside custom built display counters.

Illuminated lenticular graphics provided both depth and motion to set apart the Topix product display while attracting attention.

Our Projects

Plano Synergy

Plano Synergy is comprised of sixteen distinct sub-brands united under the Plano banner. Plano has trusted Acer to represent their hunting and fishing segment for several years.

For exhibit purposes, Plano favors a large footprint with kiosk presentations for related brands throughout the space. The Acer team created a unique rustic atmosphere using wood and corrugated metal surfaces treated with hand-painted faux weathered finishes. The rustic elements serve as the backdrop for each brand, with brand graphics and products customized on each kiosk.

For larger shows, the client has implemented twin double-deck structures and large scale graphics to unite the brands.


QIAGEN is a market leader in the life sciences and molecular diagnostics sector, with a wide array of products that brings customers "from sample to insight."

QIAGEN products range from very large analysis instrumentation to small consumable items. With show targets varying based on end use, the QIAGEN exhibit properties must feature many different kinds of products at any given time.

With the sleek look in their 40'x40' exhibit, Acer has built in plenty of space for demo, hospitality and even an in-booth theater setting.

Novalis Innovative Flooring

Novalis Innovative Flooring offers environmentally responsible luxury vinyl flooring with vibrant sub-brands AVA and Nova Floor. In their exhibits, copious branding with a premium, non-retail feel is always a must. And, the exhibits have to appeal to a wide range of verticals.

The flooring - the client's product - always has to be the primary design element to the space... structural design needs to accent the floor instead of vice-versa.

Acer's designers thrive on the energy of the Novalis brands. They have incorporated Novalis flooring products in a variety of surprising ways - as a column wrap, on a hanging sign, in decorative detail on a reception desk, and more. Most notably, our production teams have lovingly crafted 'selfie stations' using the clients' product cut to the shape of city skylines.

Novalis has been so thrilled with Acer's designs, that they've submitted them for "Best of Show" awards wherever possible!

Port Covington - Plank Industries


To showcase the continued efforts surrounding the new Port Covington real estate space, Acer Exhibits designed and fabricated an award-winning 1600 sq. ft. exhibit that debuted at ICSC. The goal, to not only inform attendees about Port Covington, but to welcome and invite attendees to experience Port Covington in-proxy. The use of “honest and authentic materials” throughout the exhibit showcased reclaimed barn wood and faux painted concrete to create a rustic contemporary atmosphere. The exhibit lounge area was warm and relaxing with a bar, leather sofas, and midcentury chairs.

As visitors entered the exhibit, they were welcomed by an LED backlit metal Port Covington logo. To draw traffic into the exhibit, strategic messages were displayed on the acrylic windows inviting attendees to visit the Port Covington experience. Large printed fabric walls, expanding 16 ft. high with three dimensional logos provided brand identity.

“We knew that working with Acer on past projects that they were able to do great things, but our high opinion of them increased exponentially when they were able to execute our 1600 square foot exhibit from design conception to execution in a record of 30 days – unbelievable!” - Marcus, Port Covington


With a large glowing tower and sculptural center point, this Esterline island exhibit was not to be missed on the show floor.

Practical elements included reception counter, product demo and display areas, storage, and large scale graphics throughout. Brand identity was reiterated via a large hanging sign.

The stunning tower feature was a challenge to the Acer production team on many levels, but eventually all obstacles were overcome to deliver a standout experience for Esterline's exhibit.


The new LaColombe exhibit space had to be fresh, hands-on and unique to fully immerse show attendees in the trendy La Colombe vibe. Each La Colombe cafe is unique - no canned, corporate cookie-cutter shops for this brand! The exhibit design would need to be representative of styles reflected in several of their urban cafes.

The exhibit had to allow plenty of space for attendees to experience the unforgettable La Colombe taste by bringing a warm coffee-house ambience, while at the same time discouraging extensive lingering.

The Acer design features a central tower with translucent light-diffusing panels in mod black channel framing, bringing an impression of warmth reminiscent of steamed-up windows in a coffee house during the cold winter. A refrigerated beverage case was fitted with woodgrain finish and adorned with intricate ventilation panel detail inspired by vintage fireplaces.

Two draft stations topped with marble-finish counters were placed in the front section of the exhibit to allow the milling crowd to enjoy the product in a relaxed, bar-like atmosphere that encouraged sampling without extensive lingering.


Bizerba supplies weighing, labeling and inspection products to the food service industry. They require a minimalist environment to attract attention and inspire confidence in the cleanliness of their products.

Generally, Bizerba exhibits require little structure, as their products can be very large in size and require space to operate. Acer has constructed several exhibits to showcase Bizerba products. For brand consistency, all exhibits use cool blue light contrasted with stark black to create the clean, modern edge of this brand.

Muck Boots / Xtratuf


Acer designed and fabricated a 20’x30’ island tradeshow exhibit for Muck Boots to use at the Archery Trade Association Tradeshow (ATA).

The core challenge – how do you showcase 150 pairs of boots with limited real-estate? Acer’s design and production teams brought the client’s vision to life through a highly collaborative process.

With natural wood and faux stone panels to create a “rustic contemporary” environment, the exhibit features an open floor plan that provides various levels of branding. A novel talking piece, Acer constructed a reception counter with a built-in water tank to demonstrate the waterproof capabilities of Muck’s footwear. Creating visibility and presence throughout the convention hall, the exhibit included a 16’ faux stone tower and 20’ hanging sign.

“Acer Exhibits is a very dynamic company who really care about their customers. We were looking for a new booth with an ‘outdoorsy lodge’ look and they came up with an outstanding layout and design. They created a gorgeous tradeshow booth design that really brought our brand to life. We worked together closely on many details that makes our booth both great looking and be extremely functional. It is very versatile and can be configured differently depending on the booth location. Their service level is outstanding! They do a great job preparing for the shows and their staff is readily available and quick to respond to any request large or small.” - Jennifer, Muck Boots


Thermacell is proof that an exhibit doesn't have to be huge to make a big impact! This client knew exactly what they wanted, and asked Acer to make it a reality for their largest show.

The truly outdoorsy product would shine alongside wood finish, custom 3D logos, and vibrant blue accents. To support the full show program, these properties are reconfigurable to in-line and L-shaped formats from 10'x'10' up to 20'x20' for various shows.

The client most appreciated the value engineering offered by Acer to holistically enhance the efficiency of their entire show program, as opposed to focusing on this one single exhibit on its own.


HollyFrontier wanted to stand out from the traditional, heavy and dark exhibits that are commonplace in the refining industry. A modern, clean, well-lit exhibit was the request.

The Acer team created a layered multi-dimensional look, accessible from all four sides. A key product display element had to highlight the clarity of the oil products, which was achieved via an artistic display of acrylic and lighting features.

A magnificent 3D logo provided high identity to a heavily trafficed area, while double hanging signs backed by gossamer blue mesh drew attention from other aisles. Interior features included a private conference room and backlit map feature to show the client's global presence.


GLOCK® pistols claim nothing less than perfection in their market, and the brand seeks to inspire confidence in prospective buyers. GLOCK achieved this during SHOT Show with a spectacular 70'x70' double-deck exhibit.

Every element of the structure was thoughtfully engineered to reflect the firm's sensibilities and purity of brand. The iconic GLOCK logo - a stylized "G" shape - was echoed throughout the exhibit, most notably in the shape of the interactive demonstration island, and in the sweep of the ceiling forming the second-level conference room structure.

Composed primarily of sleek monochromatic finishes, rich cinnabar accents were used judiciously throughout the design to add visual interest and contrast. Vertical elements were dominated by hanging signs bearing massive monitors featuring GLOCK's minimalist video spots.

Lighting design played a large role in setting a mood of technical expertise and precision engineering. Glowing pure white light outlined the conference room structure, illuminated the GLOCK logo throughout, and accented the demonstration areas and reception counter to physically manifest GLOCK's perfection as brand experience.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson, parent to a variety of consumer brands, demands diversity in their exhibits to match the diversity of their brands. Acer has created unique exhibit environments for iconic J&J brands such as Listerine®, Aveeno®, Roc® and Rogaine® over the years.

Ranging from a sterile hospital feel for Roc, to a natural, soothing spa feel for Aveeno, each exhibit has required a specific unique atmosphere. The creativity of the Acer design team and the craftsmanship of our production team has been stretched with every J&J exhibit, as they continually seek to raise the bar on their exhibit experience.


This exhibit property from HemoCue fills a 10’x20’ exhibit space in a big way. The striking red color paired with accent lighting offers a real eye-opener. The vertical real estate features clear branding, a succinct value proposition and related graphic imagery. The front and right side counters offer areas for swag, while literature is easily accessed from these and several other points inside and outside the perimeter of the exhibit. These lowered front and side counters are thoughtful to show attendees, as they offer a welcome place to rest heavy bags while the product display on the left rear shelf or the video on the monitor are viewed.

Under Armour


For one of the most recognized brands in the world, “consistency of brand” is of paramount concern. Maintaining this consistency across a multi-market exhibit tour, became the core challenge. The team at Acer answered with exhibits that provided Under Armour flexibility in both configuration and brand/messaging opportunities.

Appealing to differing audiences while maintaining the core brand attributes, the design and creative teams of both Under Armour and Acer worked in close collaboration through some unique challenges. By maximizing surface area and keeping angles structurally consistent, exhibits can be easily configured to appeal to various customer segments.

“Acer is a fantastic partner. They are committed to our business, incredibly responsive to our requests and always exceed our expectations by delivering top-notch results.” - Shana, Under Armour