Our Technology

Exhibit Design

The design team at Acer Exhibits consists of award-winning exhibit designers constantly striving to incorporate new products and showcase changing trends. The design process begins with knowledge and communication.

Our team first researches the target market, brand perception in the marketplace and our client’s marketing goals. We use these to create an environment that makes an impact and allows the client to connect with the audience. Using the elements of light, color, scale, form, and texture combined with the appropriate technology, we look to create the emotional response necessary to bring the brand to life.

Graphic Production

Acer's corporate office includes a full-service graphic production center which includes state-of-the-art production equipment and expert full-time staff. By maintaining most graphic production in-house, we can meet our client’s last-minute needs without incurring rush charges or markups from third-party vendors.

Inventory Management

Acer employs a barcode inventory system to effectively manage all client materials. It is our internal requirement that all exhibit properties and graphics have a unique barcode number. The benefits of barcode management include real-time inventory of all materials stored, efficient data input and output, immediate optimization of shipping requirements and much more.


Our warehouse makes up the largest part of our facility. We are able to provide quality storage of booth elements, staging of booth properties, inventory management, and logistics. With over 170,000 square feet of organized and categorized space, our storage and logistical operations is bar-none.

Client Portal

For the convenience of our clients, Acer maintains a password-protected, web-based client portal called Exhibit Force which includes event details, real-time inventory, lead portal, ROI calculator, booth staffing application, and digital images of exhibit property. This online portal allows both Acer and the client to interface on projects throughout their lifecycle from anywhere in the world.

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